Sunday, December 22, 2013

The Snowy Day

On Monday, December 16, all students at McGovern School were treated to the classic winter story, The Snowy Day, read aloud by a guest reader.  Our guests included State Representative Jeffrey Roy, Superintendent Dr. Evans, Town Clerk Mary Jane White, Medway Fire Chief Jeffrey Lynch and firemen Craig Vinton and Dave Leavenworth, school committee member Dawn Rice Norton, and school bus drivers Sue Robinson, Denise Zinck and Patty Downing.
State Representative Jeffrey Roy reads to a first grade class

Each classroom received a copy of the book The Snowy Day through a grant sponsored by the Medway Foundation for Education.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Writer's Workshop Celebrated

The writers at McGovern were recently featured in a video shown to the school committee members.  As shown in the video, the students have grown tremendously with the newly adopted writer’s workshop model.   

Here are a few tips to support your writer at home: 
1. Provide your child with supplies that make writing fun.  Different shaped pads or colored pencils are intriguing and motivating to our young authors. 
2. Help your child retell those events that actually happen in their lives.  The exciting, sad or even scary but real stories are great to retell at the dinner table.  When retelling focus on the sequence of events and encourage using vivid language.
3.  Praise your child for any writing he/she does.  Writing is a process!