Thursday, December 11, 2014

And the winner is...

As part of Family Literacy Month, McGovern students were given the opportunity to enjoy family literacy activities by completing the Literacy BINGO board during the month of November.  This week during lunch Mrs. Yanuskiewicz spoke to the children about the fun reading month activities and the importance of continuing to read all the time! Mrs. Yanuskiewicz told the students that all children who returned their BINGO sheets would receive a READ bracelet and those students who completed all the activities would be placed into a drawing for a Barnes and Noble gift card.  
The lucky readers are:  
Preschool: Natalie Tarkowski, Kindergarten: Kelsey Jacobs, Grade 1:Mia DiMinico

Friday, December 5, 2014

Changing Up our Reading Routines

When our three children were little, we were always looking for ways to change up our reading routines.  Reading under a blanket in the living room with a flashlight was a favorite, as was listening to stories on tape during long car rides. Our children are much older (32, 30, and 28 years old) and did not grow up with today's technology of reading on an "e-device", so these were not alternatives we could use for reading. Times have certainly changed and while I don't think these devices should be used as the only way to get your reading in, I do think e-reading on any device can provide another way to mix up our children's reading routines.  
I do believe in the old adage: Everything in moderation, especially when it comes to electronics and young children.

Here are a few websites that offer free ebooks that you can use to mix up your reading routines:

  • Tumblebooks - go to McGovern home page and click on the Tumblebook link to get free access to many wonderful books

Happy Reading!