Friday, June 19, 2015

Summertime ~ Reading and Writing and more...

As I was updating my "Shelfari" book suggestions to include a few good summer reads (see right side column) I began to think about dreams of what I hope summer includes: Dreams of slow mornings, pajamas on rainy days, little to no schedules, and devouring a book in one sitting.

 I also want to make time to have fun - loads of fun.  For my family this means not only enjoying books, but also creating things together.  Our family still enjoys taking time to be creative and to re-purpose items from found junk. Working with our hands brings us together and gives us a sense of purpose. 

Are you looking for a few ideas to get your family creating together?  Here's a link to a site that will help you and your child get started. Camp Wonderopolis

And here is another great link for ways to encourage a love of reading this summer: Encourage a love of reading