Friday, February 26, 2016

Author Paul Czajak Visits McGovern

Author Paul Czajak visited McGovern School on Thursday February 25th to share his books and his love of writing with the students.  Children eagerly listened to Mr. Czajak read two of his original stories: Seaver the Weaver and Monster Needs His Sleep.  Mr. Czajak also shared his message of never giving up on a dream as he spoke about getting an F on a paper in college, and told to get a tutor.  Paul, however continued on and through perseverance and learning about becoming an author, he eventually published a book. Author Czajak reminded the children that a story takes time to write, edit and rewrite.  The children left the assembly recharged and ready to continue writing their own stories in class and at home.  

To learn more about Paul Czajak and his books go to: 

Friday, February 12, 2016

Learning and Kind Deeds Meet

Celebration was aplenty at McGovern School with 100's Day, Valentine's Day and the day before February vacation all intersecting!  And amidst all that excitement our students managed to be mindful of those less fortunate with a 100's days can drive netting 708 cans of food all to benefit the Medway Food Pantry! The teachers on the math committee thought this project would be a wonderful way to combine 100's day with learning about those less fortunate.  Classes were asked to devise various ways to organize and count their non-perishables.  Some classes made tallies as the products came in, others placed the cans on a large 100's chart, and still others made piles of 5 and 10 cans.  Counting and recounting the 708 items made for a worthwhile learning experience for our students in many ways. We are proud! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

PJ Read Aloud

The third annual PJ Read Aloud was a ROARING success as children and parents were delighted by the storytelling, magical talents of Steve Aveson at a packed cafeteria last Thursday evening.  Steve mesmerized the children with his ability to make the stories in print come to life.  Look at these faces of pure delight:

Listening with great attention

Can we have your autograph?
Showing off his magic skills
How to tell family stories

Our hands can be a puppet
The evening began with a brief slide show for the parents outlining ways to encourage literacy at home.  You can see this slide show below.