Friday, April 15, 2016

April is Poetry Month at McGovern School

April is National Poetry Month...

and at McGovern School we are celebrating with style.  

Each morning a group of students recite or sing a new poem or song. The poems and songs have been either written by a class or by a published poet.  

Recited poems are then posted on the big chart in the hallway so that children can go back and read the poem while walking through the hallways. Our poems have been varied in topics with words about frogs, recess, spring and school.  

We love the creativity of poetry month as it gives us all an opportunity to spread our wings and listen to and write in a new genre.  

Reading poetry at home can be a great way to mix it up for a few days.  I have updated my Reading Shelf on the right side to reflect a few great poetry books.  Give reading poetry a try this vacation week.  It's fun, easy and quick paced!  

Friday, April 8, 2016

Big Day at McGovern

It was a big day at McGovern with Johnny the K teaching children about diversity, friendship and respect.  And the children showed Johnny the K their very best assembly behavior during the 45 minute presentation.  The students are indeed shining stars!


the kindergarten children earned their second star on the citizenship wall!

We have much to celebrate at the "I can" school!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Everyday Leader Program

The students at McGovern School were treated to a wonderful program yesterday focused on being leaders each and every day, and not just in school, but also at home, in sports and in their community.  The program, sponsored by McDonald's, highlighted the importance of LEAD. 

Listen:  Listening at all times 
Example: Being a good example 
Actions: Being responsible for your actions 
Do: Doing your best even when no one is looking!

At the end of the assembly Mrs. Yanuskiewicz helped perform a trick to magically create a certificate of leadership for the entire McGovern School.  

McGovern School is the "I Can" school so earning this award is no surprise!