Friday, October 21, 2016

Reading in the "Edges"

I read this great article the other day about a barber that was encouraging his youngest clients to read while getting their haircut.  If the children chose to read a book to him he would give them a discount!  

Talk about a great idea.  

Donalyn Miller, author of the book The Book Whisperer, might call this practice reading in the "edges"  or squeezing in a few minutes of reading into times when you might not think of reading.  Donalyn suggests we have books with us at all times so we can read while waiting in the car, at the doctors, or even at the grocery store.  Those few minutes here and there can add to to many minutes of practicing their reading skills and behaviors.  After all children need 60 minutes of reading each day to grow in their reading ability.  

Where or when do you let your child read in the edge?   

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